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Golf is a great sport for many reasons. One of the greatest things about it is that you can play well into your later years. It’s about mechanics and timing more than it’s about strength and power. Of course those can help, but the game of golf itself is such a great equalizer. At the end of your round, the reality is that a single 4 inch putt counts just as much on your scorecard as a 280 yard drive.

Play smart and improve your skills!

In my experience I seen a lot of golfers go from beginner to intermediate and even some even become advanced. It seems that golf usually starts out as a hobby but then can easily turn into a real passion. In fact, I’ve seen it almost become an obsession to some people (but in a good way).

Learning to play basic golf is not difficult, but as you play more and more you’ll find that it can be a life long journey of continuous self improvement.

Here are a couple of tips will help start you off on the right foot.

Don’t worry about going out and getting the

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When you arrive to the course to play a round, do you have a warmup routine?

You should.

Here’s what I do when I get to the golf course and am trying to get my golf muscles warmed up.

First, and most importantly is to stretch out. I usually start out by

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Although many of us have heard the phrase “Drive for show, Putt for dough”, we still want that monster drive! It feels “oh so good” to crush one right down the center of the fairway.

The problem is that a good, powerful golf swing is not as much about how hard you swing — but how perfectly timed your swing is.

Try this.

Pay attention to how high you bring

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How to Fix a Slice

The slice is probably one of the most common swing golf flaws for amateurs. The problem generally comes from an incorrect swing path. It’s an “outside-to-inside” swing path that creates side spin on the golf ball. Instead of hitting the club face squarely, the club face almost “slapping” at the ball.

It’s easier to see it visually, than to read it — but think of it in terms like this. Have you ever tried to spin a basketball on your finger? You know how you spin it sideways with one hand? At the same thing that’s happening with a slice. The club face is coming across the ball and creating side spin.

It’s this side spin the causes the ball to curve off to the side. Sometimes it seems

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